2023: Year in Review

I created a new folder for my 2024 posts and as I was about to start writing this one I noticed I started writing two years ago and published 30 posts in total. This one being number 31.

It may not seem like much over two years, but I'm trying.

There are days where I can't wait to share something new I've learned. And then there are days where I don't feel like writing at all.

I remind myself of this image:

What showing up means

It's all about showing up. Even when you don't feel like doing something, do a small thing that will move you towards your goal. Once you start, you'll likely do even more than you thought.


I was never much of a person to set goals or plan things in advance. I could never stick on using to-do lists. If I planned on doing something, I'd make a mental note in my head. And it's always a thing or two so I can remember it.

I find this approach less stressful. Someone could say it's chaotic. But it works for me.

A goal that I had for the previous year was to release an app. As much as I wanted to work on my own app, other things came up that I decided to pursue instead. I didn't release it, but I started spending more time working on it. It's a progress.

I started a new job last year and that took almost all of my energy. I had to learn a lot of new things. I didn't feel like working after work. But I didn't feel bad for it either.

Setting up goals should be like a wish, something you want to do, but don't lose any sleep over it. Try again when you do find time.

Swift Community Awards

Paul does a lot of awesome work for Swift community and one of those is running the Swift Community Awards. It's an opportunity to recognize apps, conferences, resources or individuals from Swift community with categories like best conference, best developer tools or most inspiring presentation. Anyone can participate.

I was surprised when I saw my name on the list of nominations for the 2022 Rising Star award, among many other awesome people. And even more surprised when I won. I did not expect it.

Swift Community 2022 Rising Star Award

Being recognized like this, from people in our community, is an awesome feeling. It gave me a confidence boost that I was doing something right. I want to thank everyone in our awesome Swift Community for cheering and lifting each other up.

Just like when your boss tells you you've done something great at work. You feel good. Proud. And you want to continue doing great work. You want to continue trying.

Keep an eye out on the new edition of the Swift Community Awards 2023, nominations open mid of March. Nominate and vote for your favourites.


The last time I mentored a bootcamp cohort, it was a lot of work. So naturally, when I received an email on the open spot for a mentor, I applied again. This time for a lead position. It was even more work than the last time. But it was a great experience and I can only hope my students have learned as much as I did from them.

Mentoring is a great opportunity to put your technical skills to test and practice communication skills as well. I would highly recommend it to anyone, whether that's volunteering in a school or mentoring someone at work, it's a win-win for both.

Make sure to find a good balance between helping the person directly and leaving them a little bit to struggle and figure things on their own.

What's great about it, you don't have to be a super experienced developer to be a mentor or to teach someone. Just be willing to share what you've learned.

Plans for 2024

As I already mentioned, I don't really plan things in great detail.

I slowed down on conferences this year so I can focus more on working on my iOS app. I've already done a lot in the first month of the year. I'm happy with the progress and hopefully I can continue the stride.

I made a list of all the MVP features that I want to implement and created issues on the repository in GitHub. I pick one up and work on it. I don't track how long it takes. I might work on it an hour one day and then do nothing for a few days. Sometimes I'd' spend a whole day over a weekend on it.

It's an awesome feeling to see the progress the app is making.

I also plan to spend more time with my parents. Being across the ocean is not easy. Work is important, but the memories we make together are forever.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you found this post at least entertaining or learned something useful.

Don't forget that small steps matter. If you do something for at least 5 minutes a day, it all adds up later. And you can't always give it your 100%.

Make sure to take care of yourself first. When work is overwhelming don't put more work on yourself. Go outside, take a break, binge watch movies, and just do what makes you happy.

When you feel good, everyone else around you will too!

Please feel free to reach out on X (Twitter) or Mastodon if you have any questions, comments, or feedback.

Thank you for reading!